At Fiber Source, sustainability is not just a goal; it's a way of business that permeates every step of our value chain. We start by sourcing organic hemp feedstock, ensuring the highest standards of environmental stewardship from the very beginning. Our commitment extends to our innovative zero-waste facility, where we aim to use every part of the hemp plant efficiently, with fines and dust collected and pelletized for minimal ecological impact. This facility is powered by 99% carbon-neutral hydroelectricity, reflecting our dedication to renewable energy sources. Additionally, we meticulously measure and quantify carbon removal in our hemp fields through Hemp Carbon Standards, enabling the creation of certifiable third-party verified carbon credits. From farm to processing to product, our sustainability initiatives exemplify our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation!

Hemp Carbon

Fiber Source collaborates closely with Hemp Carbon Standards to precisely measure and assess the carbon sequestration in hemp plants during cultivation, utilizing cutting-edge technology incorporating A.I., Satellite imagery, and ground-based flux towers. The quantity of carbon drawn from the atmosphere and sequestered in hemp is rigorously verified by Control Union, an independent third party, before being officially certified for trading on carbon markets. Enterprises aiming to enhance their environmental impact can procure carbon credits to counterbalance their emissions. The pricing of carbon credits fluctuates based on market dynamics and carbon storage's comprehensive life cycle analysis within the final hemp product. Farmers work with processors such as Fiber Source to optimize the value of CO2 credits, with sales proceeds distributed between growers and the industry. For further details and to enrol for carbon credits through hemp farming, please visit

Carbon Credits

Fiber Source’s first year quantifying carbon in our 2023 Nova Scotian hemp farms yielded an average of 3.5t per acre. Control Union certified the credits, and Hemp Carbon Standards issued them by the spring of 2024.



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