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We're seeking to connect with your organization's sustainability leader to introduce Fiber Source, a company dedicated to transforming agricultural waste into durable goods while generating certified carbon credits. We invite investors to join us in laying the foundation for our new operations in Manitoba, Canada, by gaining equity in Fiber Source and access to 130,000 tonnes worth of in-house carbon offsets over five years at reduced rates. Recognizing the limitations of any single organization in achieving net zero emissions, we believe in the power of strategic investments and partnerships to meet comprehensive ESG objectives. By supporting Fiber Source, you can contribute to environmental sustainability that is aligned with your company's ESG goals while fostering rural economic growth and benefiting farmer and local service companies.

For more information, contact [email protected] with heading “INVEST” and we will schedule a meeting to discuss the details of our proposal.

We are also pleased to announce that the province of Nova Scotia has approved our Innovation Equity Tax Credit application. Nova Scotian Investors can now receive the following benefits when investing with Fiber Source over the next 3 months.

-           Personal investors receive 35% tax credit and can invest up to $250,000. The minimum investment is $10,000.

-           Corporations receive 15% tax credit and can invest up to $500,000.

We are in the process of applying for the Small Venture Equity tax credit in Manitoba which allows Manitobans or Manitoba-based companies to invest up to $500,000 and receive a 45% tax credit on their investment.

Canadian Investors can purchase shares through our equity raise campaign with Equivesto. Please see below:

Invest in Hemp! The global industrial hemp market is expected to grow from USD $4.7B in 2022 and will explode to USD $17B in 2023. Canada’s hemp industry alone will reach USD $1B by 2025. Fiber Source aims to be Atlantic Canada’s premier industrial hemp processor. The environmentally beneficial commercial applications of our trusted product include clothing, construction materials, pet and animal care, biofuels, composites, and soil amendments.

We have recently launched a campaign to raise equity through Equivesto. Accredited Investors, Self-Certified Investors, Corporations, and Family & Friends (who live in Canada) can invest through the campaign web page

To learn more about if you qualify as an accredited investor, please visit



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