• Fiber Source Processing Inc.

    Canada's Premier Hemp Fiber Processors
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  • Fiber Source Processing Inc.

    Canada's Premier Hemp Fiber Processors
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  • Fiber Source Processing Inc.

    Canada's Premier Hemp Fiber Processors
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Who We Are

Fiber Source is an agribusiness dedicated to transforming agricultural waste into durable goods while generating certified carbon credits. We are focused on scaling the growing industrial hemp processing industry in Manitoba, Canada, and eventually supporting international sales. The global demand for sustainable products is expanding at an explosive rate, creating renewed interest in using industrialized hemp in a range of products based on its low carbon footprint, high yield volumes, and versatility. With sustainability as our core principle, Fiber Source will unlock the potential of industrial hemp fibres in Manitoba. The highly favourable growing conditions and existing cluster of hemp food businesses in Manitoba will provide the feedstock for Fiber Source to cultivate, process, and produce the primary fibres need for manufacturing value-added hemp products!

Fiber Source will maintain an office in Nova Scotia for purposes of research and development with Dalhousie and for product distribution.

10,000 acres existing hemp grain crops within 150km radius
Access to major highway routes and rail

Market Access
Proximity to Agricultural Post Secondary Institutions for Research and Development
Supportive and innovative business community
Local and Provincial Government Programs
Farming in Central Canada offers a stable growing climate, good soil conditions, and a rich history of agricultural practices. Fiber Source works with existing farmers who grow organic hemp for grain used in food products. Our goal is to process the left-over stalks, creating value-added products and closing the "hemp loop" in this region.

Fiber Source's agronomist is developing an integrated management strategy to support hemp farmers across versatile climates. We have created an essential partnership with Dalhousie's Department of Agriculture to establish methodologies that ensure hemp growing conditions are optimum for cultivation and to reduce conventional farming methods to meet our environmental, social and governance goals.

What We Do

Fiber Source is developing a facility to process industrial hemp stalks (less than 0.3% THC) from farm to factory. Our processing equipment allows us to process stalks of hemp into the following 3 fiber streams:
(outer fibers)
(inner woody fibers)
(dust or screenings)
Sales of our fibers go to secondary manufacturing companies who make building materials, textiles, paper, insulation, rope, soil amendments and human and animal care products.
HempCrete cinder blocks
Hemp Wood
Soil Amendments
Hemp Paper
Strong Hemp Rope
Hemp Lotions


Our vision is to become the premier processor of hemp fibers in Central and Eastern Canada. Focusing on sustainability, Fiber Source will develop an integrated hemp industry, nurturing alternative crops and generating employment opportunities in rural communities. We are committed to hemp fibers' ancient, time-honoured, and environmental uses.


At Fiber Source, we recognize the vast potential of hemp, with its thousands of applications across diverse industries. Hemp emerges as a powerful ally in combating climate change, sequestering carbon dioxide, and boasting rapid growth compared to conventional carbon sinks like trees. By embracing hemp processing, we will unlock countless opportunities and contribute to a greener future

Our mission is to develop a zero-waste facility that maximizes the utilization of the entire hemp plant. Fiber Source will secure feedstock from hemp seed farmers, eliminating agricultural waste and providing additional farmer income. We strive to increase the hemp fiber supply chain, enabling the production of more durable and sustainable hemp products.

Our Facility

Future Facility will be in central Manitoba near Portage LaPrairie:




Mailing Address

4016 Aspen Drive West
Edmonton, AB
T6J 2B3 
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